1. like a lot. the first shot of stam is the best of the bunch for me but also loving fei fei – as is steven it looks like!

  2. Wow. Meisel’s latest work for W and Vogue US has been beyond amazing, this edit included. I also love that he keeps featuring Sun Fei Fei: when’s she going to grab a VI cover?

    Steven needs to bring the creative genius he has at Vogue and W back to VI, because his latest work there has been seriously lacking.

  3. Everything is perfect: the styling, the cast, the unique Meisel crispness… Everything. It seems like Meisel’s main girl right now is Fei Fei..!

  4. Great to see Linda Evangelista!
    My all time favourite supermodel
    No doubt, she’s worth it!

  5. very nice, i don’t mind nudity, but the nip slip just looks dumb. all these women look beautiful.

  6. Meisel never gets it wrong..that beauty shot of LINDA is so epic ..hands down september W has made it mark in fashion history

  7. The entire editorial is fantastic and delightfully FUN!! And, of course, the icing on the cake is the return of Legendary Linda! Fantastic!

  8. I love Steven!!! Always great job.
    I think Jessica Stam is also on this ed… I’ve seen those pics on TFS. They are just so wonderful!

  9. Stunning job. Steven Meisel has done it again, the images are breathtaking, specially the first one of Linda it has a Irving Penn quality to it.

    The only one I think I could guess was Guinevere as Greta Garbo?

    Any thoughts?

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