1. Jourdan is one of my favorite models and I love that American Vogue is giving black models like Jourdan, Joan, and Anais Mali only girl edits, but I wish this editorial was better than the typical “David Sims-Jumping Model-Greige Background” formula they have going here.

  2. You’d think they’d bore themselves doing this same editorial month after month after month. Nonetheless Jourdan looks amazing.

  3. she looks amazing. It’s a nice change from Caroline or Raquel, who have done this exact same story dozens of times.

    But I agree: how can they keep running this same feature? It’s a fashion magazine, not a catalogue. It would be one thing if the styling was great but here, it’s sub-par. But all hail Jordan. She rises above.

  4. rather than seeing over styled, over lit, horrible hair and crazy make-up, its good to have someone like sims who is the best at what he does and really knows how to show clothes. basta!

  5. this should’ve been joan smalls. Jourdan’s a favourite of mind, but her face, poses and presence aren’t nearly a strong as Joan! I do love jourdan and am happy to see her doing well though.

  6. US Vogue seems to do this same editorial again and again – just switching up which model they use. I love Jourdan, but this is… B O R I N G !!!

  7. Nice to see jourdan as an only girl in a major us vogue edit, and I like the styling, but I’m getting SO BORED with these “jumping models in a studio” fashion editorials. Seems like there’s one in every issue of us vogue. AW, can we get a little more variety please?

  8. This reminds me of the jumping one with Gemma Ward wich was amazing Jourdan looks stunning and from far away I thought it was Arizona Muse I think it was the haair tho.

  9. Wow! The hair looks amazing on her! She needs to hold on to this look. I love the textures and simple color palette in this spread.

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