The Gucci look could never be called minimalist but in Love Magazine‘s latest issue, a pared down Natalia Vodianova makes the line’s ostentatious wares look downright austere. The beautiful and simple shots by Alasdair McLellan capture Natalia’s beauty and Katie Grand‘s impeccable styling brings out the best of Gucci’s archival pieces.

HAIR Samantha Hillerby MAKEUP Hiromi Ueda MANICURE Sophy Robson

  1. Alasdair McLellan is definitely the most underrated photographer working today. This edit is amazing!

  2. How does she look old? o_O Personally I think she looks great, she’s a beautiful woman, not a girl anymore and the pictures reflect that.

    I like that these picture aren’t over retouched, you can still see lines (though lets face it Natalia has like 3 lines tops) and skin texture.

  3. sure it is Natalia? Because when you look at the past picture it could easily be Volodya Averianov (as in chest) But sooooo beautiful, this ed!

  4. Actually Natalia has a deep (sad) expression… Alasdair is more Peter Lindbergh’s spiritual heir here while he is usually Bruce Weber’s one 😉

  5. i think its refreshing to see Natalia doing an ed where she isn’t styled like a vamped up lolita. she is a woman now, she looks great.

  6. I’ve never seen Nat V looks so strong with such simple make up! Usually when her hair is tied back like this she’s got bright red lips or some other make up! It’s very refreshing to see her as she naturally is.


  7. She’s too young to be looking like that. She doesn’t look old, or ugly, there’s just something weird about her face here…

  8. That happens when you play 100% with natural light

    what you see is what you get…naturallightcould be really tricky (you can see here not even reflectors) so obviously any girl could look “tired, old”

    The editors took a big risk here and almost got away with it…why almost because you see people complaining about Natalia’s instead of admiring the clothes/styling/etc

    Not a smart choice :/


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