Vogue Paris takes Joan Smalls and Hailey Clauson into coquettish territory in a lovely new story by Josh Olins. Wearing elegant pieces chosen by Veronique Didry, Joan and Hailey shine in polka-dots, leopard prints and a series of black berets. Looking carefree and seductive, the duo walk matching pooches through the streets and pout while lounging on the grass in Celine and David Yurman. Life is just a day in the park for these beauties and for anyone who says different, Joan has a few choice gestures for them.

HAIR Shon MAKEUP Lucia Pica MANICURE Jenny Longworth

  1. OMG!! 90’s perfection, when models used to have personality… i want EVERYTHING they are wearing!

  2. just because models aren’t celebrities anymore doesn’t mean they don’t have a personality . That’s a silly comment

  3. Joan is really becoming a superstar! she’s just too good in everything she does! I looooove her! and Hailey! what an amazing editorial!

  4. Can anyone tell me the point of Hailey in this? I don’t dislike her, but Joan is completely outshining her.

  5. Great pictures but the blonde looks like Wanda from that tv show in Living Color the way she does her lip things. But it’s a great story.

  6. I like Hailey in this, but… I sometimes have the impression most of the times the problem is not her, but what she’s been asked to do. I mean, yep, I liked her here – but I always have the impression only something like 50% of what she can show actually came out so far…

  7. “we are expensive and our trust funds combined equal the US National Debt. Go fetch me some evian and fresh bread”

    ^this edit.

    Also, Joan. Is. Giving. Me. LYFE!

  8. I am surprised that no one did not compared Joan with Beyonce on this set. Vogue Paris without Carine does not look speacial anymore…

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