1. Bette Franke and Kim Noorda are so under-used as models I’d love to see them doing more work!


  2. Wow I love this, i know there dome cold maybe passed away animals right now for all this fur 😐 but i think they would be happy to know that a wonderful model is wearing it well. I forgot how amazing Bette bones in her face where jezz she’s so amazing.

  3. It’s all about Bette. Not only is she a timeless model (just like Kim, agree with Sam here) she actually embodies modelling. Just point a lens at her and she is ‘on’.

  4. bette is having a major comeback. whbm and coach this season. the ed reminds me of a wintery version of isabeli’s ed in vp not that long ago. i love camilla though

  5. Super happy to see lovely Bette Franke back in the best American fashion magazines shot by the best fashion photographers… I want some more !

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