Dree Dressing

Dree Hemingway is garnering a reputation as a style star to watch. With her eclectic taste and uncanny ability to put outfits together, Dree is finding herself on best dressed lists as often as she’s on runways. This month Vogue UK devotes an entire story to her personal chic, shot by Lachlan Bailey. Naturally Dree isn’t the only model whose look warrants discussion – which models do you think have the best style?


Dree Hemingway by Lachlan Bailey, Scan by Manuva at TFS

  1. I honestly think the only reason she is getting attention is because of her famous mom

  2. I think the models with the best style are Natasha Poly and Anja Rubik. Maybe you can count someone like Irina or Agyness because they are original but Anja and Natasha have classic style that still manages to be interesting without looking like a costume. Dree’s clothes are OK but she wouldn’t make my top 10 list with regards to style just yet because she’s so new.

  3. Ivonna: yes maybe, but getting attention is just the first part, and she’s certainly done quite well up to now… remains to be seen what she will do but I am really liking her, she does have something that sets apart besides her name.

  4. she will be a Style Icon. If your Family is Beautiful that gene will be passed on to you. I can see that on her, she will probably have a brief and modest success as a model but she will become one of those Uber “Cool” girl and Style Icon. She doesn’t only have the taste, she also have the body and the good looks to carry fashion.

  5. Not my cup of tea. Sorry. I’m bored of Alice, Daisy, Eliza, Dree and Pixie. Would they have the tiniest shot at modeling if their parents weren’t super rich or super famous? Fair enough, Eliza doesn’t fall into that category… but aren’t models meant to be glamorous and elegant, not brag about the fact that they like cars and beer (ehemm Miss Eliza). It’s very sad that the industry has become so caught up in a name that they are putting average to below average looking teens in high fashion magazines. Please bring back the real models!

  6. to Lil

    I thought that Dree is amazing, have you seen her video in the past here? but whatever, she’s in no way “average or below average”….Let me tell you what an average look like, lol…..

  7. i honestly dont see her as pretty. especially in candids. she looks unhealthy skinny. you can see it in her face. She doesnt do anything for me

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