A Smile & A Wink

I-D dubs their latest the “pick me up issue” and with a grinning Lindsey Wixson on the cover it is easy to see why! The bubbly image shot by Terry Richardson is fresh, lighthearted and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Which beauties will feature on the mags six other covers? Well wouldn’t you like to know…

Check out i-D online for even more on the Pick Me Up Issue!

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  1. amazing! its rare these days to find a model who has the audacity to bring happiness and humor into modeling. i saw the preview for her upcoming editorial in LOVE magazine..so versatile!

  2. I really like this cover. But is anyone else a little annoyed with the fact that magazines like I-D now have 6+ covers every issue? I-D has six issues a year, and 6 totally random and unrelated covers for each issue. I can understand multiple covers for a biannual magazine like LOVE, but not for a bimonthly like I-D.

  3. Lindsey’s such a star. Back when she started I thought she would be a one season wonder but I’m happy to say she’s proved me wrong by showing incredible versatility and skill (yes, skill!) as a model.

  4. @Dom- I actually like the idea of six covers each issue. They are trying to reach out to different demographics & races by saying “take your pick”; however, I wish their covers were stronger. Like why does Lindsey have an icecream cone in her eye? i-D, you can do better lol.

  5. I.D seems to be lacking any real creativity. Its no longer the 90’s and people want more than a half arsed attempt. Why bother getting Terry when number of east end wonna be photographers can do this, and the way the magazine inudstry is, probably for free. Wixon is great, shot is poor.

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