Glamour. Intense, over the top, excessive glamour. We asked for it and Numero delivered with a hard edged shoot by Sean and Seng starring Caroline Brasch Nielsen. The fashions are daring: floor length gowns, statement jewelry and mile high heels abound. The location is stunning: check out that bluer than blue water, and Caroline delights in every shot.

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  1. Caroline will only get better with age. In this ed, she looks like a little girl trying to be an adult; however, she has the cheekbones and face structure to make an amazing model. Its all there, but right now I just see potential.

  2. i like that caroline “looks like a girl trying to be an adult” (and not just with her face/body but also with her gestures and attitude.) i think it’s on purpose and it’s what helps to give the images a little edge.

    i hope to see more irony (and some creativity) amongst all the newton re-hash this season 🙂

  3. there is no other word for the second shot than unattractive im afraid – she is snarling and its just uncomfortable. someothers shots are great but in others her inexperience is quite clear/ she does have a great face so im sure she will develop into a great model given time

  4. This is nice, but nobody does maximalist glamour like Anna Dello Russo! She makes this spread look demure.

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