The Parent Trap

Raising kids is no picnic, but in Miles Aldridge‘s stylish story for Vogue Italia, it seems like a breeze! As a glamorous yet self involved diva, Bianca Balti has her daughter handle everything from brushing her hair, to applying her lipstick and lighting her cigarettes. In some shots it seems as though the roles of parent and child have been reversed completely, but Aldridge’s unique perspective and ostentatious styling by Alice Gentilucci provide just enough surrealism to keep us invested in the heroine’s tale.

Scan credits – Z Fashion Blog

  1. i like the concept but it seems as though she is just staring and pouting in every single frame.

  2. I agree with Jake,the idea is great, but Bianca is lacking and I’m more impressed with the little girl. I understand that shes supposed to look coked out of her mind, but the expression she’s giving (‘one’, too little)is too bland.

  3. yawn.

    even terry’s version of harri peccinoti’s (& caroline baker’s) original concept from ’72 was way better than this.

    franca needs to move on with some new photographers.

  4. Yeah, the expression is the same throughout…the Janice Dickensen-pucker-your-lips look.
    The visual.

  5. giant lips- angelina joile- bt needs to work on toneing down the pout in a big way=kind of distracting! no emotion in the eyes aswell-
    other thn tht gd concept

  6. Huge fan of Bianca. I think she’s so underrated. This editorial is good but it could of been a bit more better. The expression I have to agree with is lackluster but I don’t think she’s pouting her lips the entire time, she pretty much has natural puffy lips so they pretty much have a mind of its own.

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