1. I’ve always loved Vlada but I’m quite surprised that of all the girls they could put on this cover it would be her. They’ve had some really great girls for sometime now, so much so that I feel her cover is somewhat ‘out of nowhere’.

  2. All Slav girls look so similar that one might beleive that there is a Queen Bee in Minsk producing “products” that are mere clones of each other and off they fly to dis”GRACE” the fashion runways of Paris, Milan etc. I don’t see the point of having so many wide-faced Slavic creatures, all blondes, natural or bottle, some of them wild-eyed ( from Chernobyl?? ) strutting about here and there in Paris or Milan.

  3. Awww!!! beautiful vlada but i feel japan needs to feature JAPANESE models instead of euro girls all the time!

  4. I got this.

    It is rare that Vlada is on the cover.

    Japanese people who like international things are just interested in someone cute and beautiful, regardless of nation and race.

  5. Vlada is gorgeous and deserves to be on the cover!

    Some of the comments on here are very ignorant. Slavic girls look different from each other and so do all other girls, it is just fashion industry picks tall, thin, beautiful and most often blond. And even among them, they all look different. It is a lot harder to find girls in other countries, because not many are thin, so agencies find more suitable girls in Russia and Eastern Europe and comments about queen bee and Chernobyl are not appropriate. So much for embracing diversity.

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