Dots and Loops

Making polka dots look classy is no small feat. The graphic circles are most often associated with retro kitsch rather than modern elegance, but George Cortina manages to create a series of beautiful looks on Saskia de Brauw inĀ Mikael Jansson‘s story for Vogue Japan. Using pieces from Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and McQueen, Cortina crafts ensembles that work perfectly with Saskia’s androgynous and refined persona.

HAIR Anthony Turner MAKEUP Mark Carrasquillo MANICURE Christina Conrad SET DESIGN Jean-Hughes de Chatillon

  1. She’s growing into an amazing model, I like this it’s a wonderful editorial. But I’m actually starting to get Bored with her look. Sasika has a wonderful face but it’s not really that interesting to look at almost like Stella to me.

  2. THE STARS DRESS….O.M.G.O.S.H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT…AMAZING

  3. @Bckls
    I completely disagree, flawless posing. A breath of fresh air between all the newbie vapid looking non-posers.

  4. Saskia has the power! She is so perfect model and deserves a better position here. I love her, unique face.

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