1. that last image looks a lotttttt like an image Camilla Akrans did a few years back with Anja I think it was.

  2. I agree with they one up there “She’s to sexy” but honestly i think SEXY is in fashion. Alot of models are starting to have famine features like Full lips,Hips and breast it’s working. I like it GO SABRINA!

  3. the idea of what is a fashion model is always changing over time. i think sabrina is a great model and obviously request is using all their resources a la emily didonato.

    she may not be a six foot, rail thin, square jawed, thin lipped, straight eyebrowed couture model but i can see sabrina doing both luxury commercial and fashion. a lot of the features (full lips, shorter stature, fuller in the womanly areas) once seen as too commercial a few years ago are now “in” because it’s “bankable” and stand out (look at lara, wixson, candice etc)

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