Fit To Be Tied

Is it just us or has fashion felt a little tamer in the wake of Carine Roitfeld‘s departure from Vogue Paris? In case you had forgotten what an audaciously sexy fashion editorial looked like Numero sets out to remind you with a bondage-y romp shot by Tom Munro and featuring the undeniably appealing Aymeline Valade.

Stealing a title and theme from Almodovar, while borrowing a bit of Helmut Newton-esque panache for good measure, the story is sultry, steamy and filled with the finest lace garters money can buy. Stylist Charles Varenne knows exactly how to titillate with pieces from Givenchy and Giorgio Armani.

MAKEUP Fulvia Farolfi

    this is amazing, it’s haunting,sexy and and dominatrix to the max. I really love and it’s Aymeline Valade at her best.

  2. She is my favorite newcomer since Joan Smalls. She is really talented, and those cheekbones are crazy!

  3. its hard to believe shes only around 20 years old! She’s spewing sex and control..or rather a lack of it. Awesome!

  4. she is…she is…A STAR! i love her age, i love her confidence, her looks, everything. who ever discovered her is a genious.

  5. all sources list her birth year as 1991, its 2011 right now, which makes her 20 years old

  6. This is hot!

    She needs to be higher on the list IMO, at least higher than Juliane since she’s accomplished more.

  7. She deserves to be on the cover tbqh
    But anyway Numero’s getting better than ever,this issue is a must buy,gorgeous eds,strong covers( even though I think Aymeline deserves to be on the cover)

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