Isn’t He Lovely?

Tush‘s gender-bending extravaganza continues with  Tyler Riggs, Dennis Johnson & Tommy Cox taking on a beauty story for boys. The three lads get primped and painted in guyliner and glitter by Tyron Machhausen as photographer, Nagi Sakai snaps their picture, the end result manages to be pretty while retaining a layer of glam rock cool.

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  1. I think Dennis Johnson and Luiz Afonso have the most strikingly beautiful faces in modelling industry since Alex and Mark. They look different, each one having their uniqueness, but as i remember when Alex and Mark got started people would talk about them all the time. The same happened when Luiz and Dennis were discovered, they soon were cast for the best shows (Dennis exclusive for Calvin Klein) and Luiz doing all the major runway show in europe.

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