Kiss Off

The lovely Samantha Gradoville graces Numero‘s latest cover and we can’t help but notice that she’s looking a little different. Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello‘s color saturated cover image draws our eyes to a very cosmetically enhanced pout. The fétiche headline lets us know were in for something a little sinful and the larger than life lips prepare us for a story that is sure to push the beauty boundaries.

  1. Sam Gradoville… Interesting model choice. Love the colors, and Sam’s face looks great. From the neck down is a different story though…

  2. Actually, the more I look at it, the worse it becomes. It’s just a bad cover overall. Why’d they try to put Daphne’s mouth on Sam’s face?

  3. F I N A L L Y, they give Samantha a cover she has been shooting editorials for this magazine since she started modeling, so this was needed. I LOVE IT, it hunting,sexy and strong. I can’t wait to see what’s inside, YOU GO SAM.

    and DOM, SHUT UP, she has full lips. get out of here with the negativity.

  4. Marty, Sam’s lips are not that full. The makeup and her blank expression create a bad cover. The colors are great, it could’ve been so much better. I love Sam, and I think she’s a great model. Numero’s covers have just been so bad this year. Numero China is a much better edition.

  5. she is exceptional in every way, and her personality is simply amazing. i don’t know what is more beautiful, her looks or attitude. i know how this sounds but she always fascinates me with how good person she is.

  6. I love Samantha, she’s at the same time sooo adorable and such a stunner, she suggests a presence like few others and I love the kind of femininity she embodies, but I have to say here she’s… well, briefly: I’m not mad about this cover; even if I’d like to underline the fault (if there is one) is totally not hers imo… 🙂

  7. I love her here, so different, but so beautiful! And the editorial is amazing too! She is so versatile in every shoot she does. Samantha will be a super soon!

  8. Not so sure about this one. The choices and the photo seem very dated… Didn’t Numero used to be so unusual and original feeling? Now I wonder if their choices are not so much that any longer.

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