Berlin Wave

Fashion is always changing and some of the most engaging design comes from fresh talents whose names you may not have heard of yet. Vogue Germany shines a light on some incredible designers coming out of Berlin in a striking story by Greg Harris. Styled by Christiane Arp and feauturing the stark beauty of Iris Strubegger and Katrin Thormann, the engaging studio edit showcases work from talents like Michael Sontag, Vladimir Karaleev, David Tomaszewski and design duo Augustin Teboul.

HAIR Christian Wood MAKEUP Steven Canavan MANICURE Tricia C. Pahl

Scan Credit | Helligirl @ tFS

  1. This is one of the best Editorials I have seen this year striking and really modern. The hair and makeup is my favorite part it shows that German and Austrian features are so amazing. I love Katrin Thormann, I wish she come back and do more work because she has one of the most interesting faces in the fashion industry well to me(: and Iris is always amazing. Great Styling and editorial from both Iris and Katrin.

  2. Agree with Marty. Katrin simply does not deserve to ever fade away. They are both absolutely amazing models.

  3. What a great pair! I love strength in models and these two are naturally striking.

    I’m over lost-looking girls playing dress-ups.

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