First Dansk

Every issue of Dansk gives us something new to obsess over and with their 26th edition, they’ve gone and outdone themselves with two covers featuring our favorites. As a teaser take a look at the first one featuring the gorgeous Magdalena Frackowiak shot by Aitken Jolly. Styled by Anders Solvsten Thomsen, the striking image features Magda in a custom hat by Noel Stewart and dress by Chanel. The shot is part of a story where the images were taken through painted glass panels – want to see more? Pick up your copy when it hits stands August 4th and stay tuned for our preview of this exciting issue and the second cover.

  1. I’m sorry but she’s really sexy, WOW.

    Anyways back to fashion, I like everything about the cover it’s strong and it captures your attention. The styling is really fashion forward it’s not basic it makes you think more of just a gown and jewelry, it’s edgy and deistic also curious makes you think.

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