Das Ist Gut

It doesn’t take much to make Claudia Schiffer look good. Other models rely on striking changes to keep our interest, but Miss Schiffer cornered the market on pristine blonde beauty two decades ago and never let go of it. Seeing her on the cover of Vogue Deutsch’s Made in Germany issue makes perfect sense and the seductive image by Miles Aldridge captures everything we love about our favorite ice princess. The lace mask, the bold red lip, that phenomenal platinum coif: so cool and so Claudia.

FASHION EDITOR Christiane Arp | MAKEUP  Kay Montano | HAIR Phillipe

  1. there is something off about her lips. they look like theyve been photoshopped into a weird shape/colour along the bottom. and unlike the others i am not crazy about this cover but this is because im not crazy about claudia’s look. i am impressed by the idea and execution in other respects though. and it is undeniable her hair is amazing

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