The World of Calvin Klein

The effortlessly chic brand released the rest of its fall campaign images, in an exclusive preview here, following the anticipated appearances of Lara Stone and Dmitriy Tanner by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Calvin Klein Collection. The strikingly graphic ck Calvin Klein is an early hit with fashion fans, starring Lara, Liu Wen and the up and coming Benjamin Eidem captured by Craig McDean. The Calvin Klein line has Alasdair McLellan manning the helm of the classic collection with British beauties Lily Donaldson and Danny Beauchamp. After the wildly successful ck one Jeans launch this past spring, fall has Steven Meisel once again directing the dynamic cast of Lara, Rob Evans, Wang Xiao, Yuri Pleskun and a host of energetic newcomers. Last but never least, is the ever sensual Lara in the new Naked Glamour Underwear video by Patrick Demarchelier. Tell us your favorites in the comments.

  1. This is my problem with Calvin Klein. I don’t know which is which…But I love them most of the time. Garrett Neff on the underwear campaign again please. Much love

  2. lily can look better. lara looks great, although i am not her biggest fan, but i wish liu was more prominently featured in the ad, can barely make out it is her. enjoying the ck one campaign; it is fun and vibrant.

  3. Calvin Klein Collection and ck Calvin look gorgeous, and so does the one with Lily (whats the difference with CK Collection? Or is this CK White Label?)

    But ck One is horrible, terrible, awfull.
    Is this really Meisel? Guess so since he likes those drug addict-look models. And that haircut from that chinese girl… Horrendous!

  4. The Klein Empire, I love the ads and the use of all the models. I love Lara she’s just amazing her body is absolute amazing. Liu and Lily are nice too. I like this. a lot.

  5. Wait!!
    How many divisions Calvin Klein has?? because I know:
    1) Calvin Klein Collection
    2) Ck Calvin Klein
    3) Calvin Klein
    4) Ck One
    5) Calvin Klein Underwear (male & female)
    6) Ck jeans
    Did I miss someone???

  6. @ Not on the guest list:

    The one with Lily is ck White Label.
    Calvin Klein is just Calvin Klein Collection.

  7. @Not on the guest list:

    They also have cK Watches & cK Cosmetics, but I am not sure if that goes under the division of cK Calvin Klein.

    Anyways, its ashame the type of crappy Calvin dresses you see in the mall are not even remotely like Calvin Klein Collection. I want my mom to look like Lara too LOL.

  8. I don’t think I would say “starring Liu wen” it’s like saying ‘gucci; starring Emily baker’ 😮 yeah, that’s right, I took it there

  9. I LOVE all the campaigns for Calvin Klein this season, except for that silly ckOne brand.

    But I just saw the men’s rankings, and seriously!?! Dmitriy Tanner at #6 for ONE campaign? Which he probably won’t have next season!?! Same with Nils. These CK guys deserve to debut in the 20’s-30’s, not the top 10. When they get more work they can move up, just like any other model.

  10. @ Not on the guest list,
    They also have ck Calvin Klein accesories, and Calvin Klein Fragrances, but that’s it I guess.
    Oh they have Calvin Klein swimwear too, usually with Edita.

  11. God, that’s a lot!!
    Anyways I saw the video campaign of ck One and I didn’t like it, there was somthing missing and also no one can top my favorite video campaign ever: Prada s/s 2011

  12. My favorite CK one model is Sky Ferreira .She is so beautiful ,love her messy hair like her ,Ilike Lara to but Sky is my favorite…Sky is different>>>

  13. I like Sky in the CKone ….would have liked to see Abby again like her better than the Blonde Rita …

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