1. Beautiful cover indeed, but something transcended the shift between Carine Roitfeld and Emanuelle Alt…they keep on mixing french with english words and that is IMO very very unprofessional, especially for a french magazine.

  2. I LOVE this cover. It’s truly amazing. I just wish Alt would take a new direction with models, because it seems like we’re just going to end up with Gisele/Lara/Isabeli/Raquel/Daria/Natasha every month.

  3. skinny lara? are you serious? she is one of the “biggest” models, if not the biggest HF model. She is not that skinny, in real life there are also lot of people with size 34. Get real.

  4. @Dom- completely agree. French Vogue has been boring me to tears ever since Alt took over. March & September issues should go to supermodels, but surprise us from time to time, please!!!

  5. @ellen – monamour probably meant that she’s now skinnier than she used to be,not that she’s as skinny as other models

  6. she looks amazing. absolutely amazing. i hate the shoes though-they shouldve stepped it up.

    @ellen did you take that comment to heart…jeez

  7. always something special with Lara… can’t explain why. great VP cover – a classic.

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