Rock Steady

Kacper Kasprzyk takes Daga Ziober to the edge of the world for Dazed & Confused, shooting the Polish beauty in a stark landscape (the story was shot in Iceland just before the last volcanic eruption) wearing the season’s nomadic finery: exotic coats from Pringle of Scotland and Prada abound in the moody shots styled by Karen Langley. The faintest hint of liquid eyeliner by Megumi Itano and tousled locks created by Naoki Komiya complete Daga’s wild look.

  1. I saw these few days ago, and… when there is a model you may not like so much (my case here) but who you find interesting and simply flawless in this or that shoot (the way I did here), well, it’s always a good thing. Really a welcome surprise – at least for me.

  2. DagA is sensational,it’s such a shame that you can’t see it in this ed,look her up and you’ll see how much class,luxury and sophistication there’s about her!

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