Boys on Film

With women’s fashion videos dropping every other second, the men’s side gets into the action with brands, magazines and websites all producing visual feasts of our favorite young men (including the sensual Kings of Milano film for MDX) . Take a peek at 3 that have caught our eye this week. Which is your favorite?

Metal Magazine’s Boys in Town editorial by JM Ferrater smolders with Tomek Szczukiecki, Jon Kortajarena and Adrian Bosch leading a pack of the top and upcoming faces.

Watch Aiden Andrews, Stas Svetlichnyy, Dale and Sidney work up a sweat in Sharif Hamza‘s film showcasing the elite sport of rowing. Check out Aiden working the ergometer, here at the link for “Hydropowered” on Nowness.

Luca Finotti directs Frankie Morello’s boys who go old school lipsynching Run DMC. Bonus: spot a certain Mr. Wu who pioneered the recent revolution of beautiful models lipsynching backstage.

  1. Just loved the Frankie Morello video! Though I think River was missing, but anyways. I need such a t-shirt!

  2. Insane is how it is…Loved the Frankie Morello video so much had to post on my blog. More of these please…(actually one of the reasons why I now work for a modeling agency is cause of these videos…) Peace!

  3. I believe the Adrian in the 1st vid along with Tomek is Mr. Wlodarski!

    Besides, the 2nd vid which features Aiden and Stas is pretty similar to Take That’s The Flood MV…

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