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Classic Steven Meisel imagery reigns in the new Vogue Italia, with a spirited story featuring a few VI newcomers. Juliane Grüner graces the cover and is joined inside by Josephine Skriver, Emily Baker, Fei Fei Sun, Anais Pouliot, Kelly Mittendorf and Antonia Wesseloh in a good ol’ fashioned studio edit styled by Karl Templer. With Pat McGrath handling makeup and Guido Palau crafting coiffures, the entire affair is stunning from start to finish.

  1. Oh I love this soooo much.
    I love the casting and styling.

    Anais and Fei Fei <3
    And Emily is soooooo gorgeous.

  2. Boring… these girls (exception of Emily and Fei Fei) all seem to be newer versions of old Meisel favorites

    Kelly is the new Adina Fohlin
    Juliane is the new Mirte Maas
    Anais is the new Lindsey Wixson
    Antonia is the new Freja Beha

  3. VI Newcomer – Vogue Italia newcomer, not all of the girls are of course, but for some this is their first time in the magazine.

    Sorry if it is confusing, I often abbreviate Vogue Italia as VI

  4. @Janelle
    HAHAHAH thank you very much!!
    don’t worry I prefer VI instead of Italian Vogue.
    I like the editorial BUT:
    – I’m sick of Anais, she only pose with a pouty muoth and done
    – I have never known what is the deal with Emily Baker, not special for me
    -Josephine does not seem like a long-career girl.
    -Antonia looks like Freja and she looks boring

  5. @ Trevor, Kelly’s pics are more like rip-off shots of Kirsi than doppelganger’s shots of Adina who is in my opinion quite talented and hard to channel, even when the same talented photographer takes the photographs.

    all in all one of the most underwhelming editorial this year with way too much buzz around it. Antonia’s features may remind Freja’s but intensity isn’t there, Juliane is just another Ymre lookalike and that’s too bad for her cause I think if she was

  6. …push button by mistake 😉

    about Juliane I think if she was slightly older she could bring something more impressive and so it is for most of this cast.(?)

  7. Maybe I’m alone, but I really enjoy this current cast of girls. I know there are similarities between them and models who have come before, but I think also that people get compared to each other so much and often before they have a chance to prove themselves as individuals. How often do we hear that so and so is the next (insert model here) based on nothing more than a slight resemblance.

    I think each of these girls is very striking – really impressed by how strong some of the newer girls have been of late.

  8. @ Janelle, although I see the resemblances Trevor made I agree with you. Maybe these girls are even better than the girls before them. I think they are all very striking.

  9. Trevor: As if Emily doesn’t look like a young Kylie Bax or a Lara + Iselin morph.

    Comparisons are inevitable, but the “X is just a copy of Y” commentary is so trite. Everyone resembles someone.

  10. This new crop of Meisel Prada/Balenciaga girls are certainly a strong group. But I think the big question is, who will still be around in one year? let alone five or ten. From this particular editorial the girls who I can see still working at the top in years to come are Emily and possibly Kelly. Emily has the most amazing features and can do edgy as well as sexy; Kelly has a very strong editorial look although this could mean a lack of versatility…
    I’m unsure about Juliane, she’ll probably book a ton of shows in September and more campaigns but I’m not sure about her longevity in this fickle business

  11. i am quite underwhelmed by not just the performance but the photography here. i expect more from a vi editorial – well, i used to. fei fei is beautiful and kelly has surprised me here as i like all of her images a lot but i am not accustomed to her strong look. i am not impressed by emily or anais here; i do not like the first shot of anais at all, i do not understand why they would choose to include it as its simply not flattering for the photographer or the model. the rest of the editorial is just so-so. im not saying i could do any better but its just a bit lackluster and tame overall – and i dont think there is a fluidity between the images.

  12. i always enjoy seeing fei fei and anais
    and i must agree that although comparisons are inevitable these girls still deserve a chance to prove themselves in the long run

  13. I am loving this editorial by Meisel. He may not perform like he used to, but he he occasionally still has sparks of genius. My favorites are Kelly & Juliane. Kelly is a face to remember, and I see top model material. Juliane can replace Hanne Gaby as the strikingly quirky girl. And as much as I was on the cartoon lips team in the beginning(Anais Poulliot & Lindsey Wixson), I am so over it now.

    Oh, another thing, I have loved the recent VI new girl covers, but can Steven please pick some girls who have been in the biz for a while? Joan Smalls deserves a damn cover!!!

  14. I wasn’t trying to say they really are alike or copies of other models themselves… Sorry if that has been misunderstood and I recognize I put it in a very wrong way.

    What I was trying to highlight is the use that has been done of their features only make them look like other models that have worked with Meisel before and the pictures don’t reflect at all what their personality could be. Due to this fact and in my opinion to the young age of these girls.

    Then the lookalike thing is something I haven’t only noticed with these girls in this editorial in particular. I have seen other pics from their book where the resemblances have been exploited and that’s what turns me off at the moment.

    This and the desperate try to recreate some hype about brand new faces while talented models that have been for a while would deserve a little more attention…

  15. mmmmn – how interesting. all the models are new, or newish, while the photographer, make up artist, hair and styling are by the same old people who were all doing this exact same job when i was first interested in fashion years and years and years ago.

    they aren’t changing the models to make themselves look fresh and interesting are they???

    everything changes in fashion, apart from the people in charge.

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