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Bubbly budding supermodel Lindsey Wixson is the ultimate teen beauty -tell us who your fave teen modeling queen is for a chance to win one of the fragrances! – Congrats to our winner Lizzie!

This week our focus turns to beauty for our younger readers and anyone young at heart. The average new face is still in their teens and so were all our great volunteers for this story – special thanks to Alison, Jacqueline, David, Joanna, Harini, Emily and Stacey! Here are a few of our personal favorite products designed with teens in mind – be sure to tell us your own in the comments!


There are about a million different fragrances out there geared towards a teen demographic, but a few gorgeous scents from some of our favorite designers are just right.

MARC JACOBS LOLA – Playfulness personified: with Karlie Kloss fronting the campaign and the adorable rose topped bottle, it is hard not to fall in love with Lola. The fruity floral mix provides a spritz of youthful energy with it’s blend of pink peppercorn, pear, ruby red grapefruit, geranium and rose. Appropriate for all occasions and just right for the girly girl in all of us.

CK1 SUMMER – It is safe to say that almost everyone has tried out the original (and uberpopular) CK1, but limited edition the summer version provides a new twist on the Calvin classic. You’ve still got the unisex and lightweight ease of the first, but with a modernized feel and innate cool.

VERA WANG PREPPY PRINCESS – the entire Princess line was designed with Vera’s daughters as muses, so it is no surprise it was a favorite with our younger testers. They loved the sweet blend of red berries, apples and tangerine so much that there was a little battle over the bottle!


One of the biggest skin concerns for teens is acne prevention: everyone, even the most popular models on the planet, gets a zit from time to time. Finding products that work can be costly and time consuming, but of the lines our teen testers sampled Burt’s Bees received the very best reviews. The fact that it was all natural played a big part in their choice – favorites from the line included the Pore refining scrub and Purifying cleansing gel.


Bored with the usual suspects, our group gravitated towards Essence, an affordable brand with a wide range of colors and textures. With nothing over 5 bucks a pop, you won’t break the bank but the quality was exceptional. Favorite products included, the long lasting lipgloss and stay put all day gel liners.

  1. I am loving Kelly Mittendorf right now cuz she looks like an adorable alien cat. And i wanna win the perfume.

  2. Chanel Iman! I start screaming whenever I see her on tv or a poster of her in victorias secret and stuff! She’s the bomb! 😀

  3. Lindsey Wixon! She’s such a beautiful inspiration for young girls like myself and she has such a different look as which some people would say “weird” but she looks fabulous 🙂

  4. You can’t possibly go wrong with Lindsey Wixson!
    Her personality,her look, everything about her makes it inevitable that teen girls would look up to her as a model and as a normal teenager..

  5. Teen modeling queen? No one. I still have hopes the “average new face” will be no teenager soon and to be honest, I hope there won’t be any average new face at all anymore. Who needs average in a job like modeling?

    Words are great as always and… by the way, I don’t want to win anything. Just felt the need to drop a comment on a topic that speaks to my heart.

  6. Karlie Kloss! She’s so beautiful and has managed to stay so humble. She also just acts like a teen still. So mature, yet young in spirit!
    Second place would be Lindsey Wixson, of course.

  7. JAC

    great walk
    gorgeous face that photographs like a dream

    JAC LOOKS LIKE A SUPERMODEL.and she’s still very young.

  8. Could Andrej Pejic be considered a teen modeling queen? He’s only 19 and has had a huge effect toward a greater movement of acceptance in the world. Something you’d think a beauty queen would aspire to achieve..

  9. I absolutely adore Frida Gustavsson! She’s sooooo beautiful! I mean, all models are really, but she stands out the most to me! Flawless, I’d love to look like her hehe 🙂 & like Dom mentioned, her style is great too!

  10. Sabrina Sterk is definitely the right choice! she’s naturally very beautiful and yet she keeps so modest about her looks. It’s very hard to find a model with a great, aspiring, humble personality. I can see her going extremely far in the industry, she’s just yet to be truly discovered. She’s a russian gem, with faultless skin and a slim figure. Fingers crossed! X

  11. Thank you all for the wonderful comments – lots of interesting and diverse answers, will let you know the winner tomorrow on our Facebook page and I’ll leave a comment here as well 🙂

  12. Definitely Karlie Kloss. Not necessarily my fav looks wise, but her walk is amazing. That girl knows how to own a room.

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