The Method

Modeling and acting have always crossed paths, but Daniel Jackson takes the connection to the next level with his latest for Acne Paper. Some of the industry’s freshest faces get a bit of dramatic training for Jackson’s camera: Julia Saner, Anais Pouliot, Taras Koltun, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Kate King, Iris Egbers, Alexander Beck and Colinne Michaelis clutch scripts, do table reads and put on a full show, while wearing pieces pulled by Mattias Karlsson. With each model displaying a full range of emotion and Jackson’s stark black and whites setting the mood, this is one story Strasberg could be proud of.

  1. Iris Egber is the most underrated S/S 11 newcomer. She is amazing. There’s also something very special about Kate King.

  2. looks like something Meisel would have done 15 years ago for Italian Vogue. not a compliment. new ideas please.

  3. It’s 2011, so in my humble opinion I guess we could see practically anything (practically anywhere) as a reference / good copy / bad copy and so on if we’d want. 😉
    btw: somehow interesting, and Julia and Caroline are my fav… for what they showed here, and in general especially.

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