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Has Josh Olins formed the perfect girl group for V Magazine? Wang Xiao, Rila Fukushima and Xiao Wen Ju, look absolutely lovely playing a modern day version of the 1960s supergroups like The Supremes and Shirelles in this cheeky story from V72. Dressed in pre-fall’s grooviest pieces from Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and Celine – selected by stylist Jay Massacret, the girls look like they’ve got the whole retro thing down pat. Maki Ryoke and Shon provide the ladies with the prerequisite winged liner and bouffant hairstyles, but the attitude is all their own. If these girls can carry a tune, the music world better watch out!

V72 – The Transformation Issue, hits newsstands July 7th

  1. absolutely incredible. are asian women just born with a natural elegance? they all look so perfect in each shot and work so well with each other to create pleasing poses. the best editorial ive seen so far this year without question – showing how its done

  2. this might be offensive but i mean it an a amazing and wonderful editorial way.
    They are the Asian Supreme’s. I love it, the styling is so different also chic. I personally love everything about it. Great work, they are all amazing.

  3. Woah. This has to be one of the best ed’s I’ve seen all year. A much needed break from the endless parade of the blonde Dutch girls we’ve been seeing so much of.

  4. nice story.

    brings back memories of a walter chin & patti wilson “supremes” story with 3 black models from f/w 95 – lorraine pascale, tuli and i forgot the 3rd girl – maybe joy from florida who was with company? (betty – do you remember?)

    all in super minimal calvin klein outfits. with no accessories except for the shoes. bouffant hairdos. b&w pics. shot at electric lady recording studios on w.8th.

  5. like it very much
    rila’s lips kept catching my attention and xiao wen looks adorable, as usual

  6. To Lily:

    How stupid are you really to type a sentence that could be easily answered by someone under fifteen years of age with: why not? you’re bothered by this rarity when we’re often offered by a sea of editorials and campaigns pasted with caucasian faces. just bear and grin until you’re quenched with an all-caucasian editorial. it obviously wont take long.

  7. @ Lily

    this is not all-asian editorial. The stylist, the photographer and the clothes are not. Did you see English words?

  8. I know the hair is supposed to be in spired by the sixties, but it looks a little more Nancy Grace, imo.

  9. why was this not in the Asian issue? was that not the point instead of the trivial gaga cover?

  10. great job!!! China has missed out so many great fashion eras e.g. 60s, so really nice to use chinese models to relive some of those moments! e.g. the flicks! @sindy_liu

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