1. For a moment i thought her name was Heidi or Gretchen, because she sure can pull of the Swiss look.

    I love Aline, and i love this. The styling is amazing, hair and makeup really pulls off the look. Camilla Akrans, is always amazing when it comes to shooting outside, and the lighting hits Aline face…creates magic.
    one of my favorite shoots this year.

  2. i love camilla’s work. for a while i thought that’s it for aline… there wasn’t anything interesting, interesting editorial or something that just excites you. but seeing this!!! WOW! Kudos to aline and camilla. perfect duo. this feels like relaunching. and it’s amazing.

  3. Aline is da bomb! I’m happy to see her back in the mix again (she sort of disappeared for a while?) and this story makes me wish for a Camilla-lensed Numéro cover.

  4. Akrans is simply amazing. This editorial is what gets me excited about fashion. It’s a little over the top without crossing any lines, it’s sexy without being vulgar, it’s modern yet classy. Aline is stunning, too. Perfect example of a model taking a concept and work-twerking it!


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