Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott specialize in photography that plays with perception and their new campaign for Gucci pre-fall is no exception. An ultra luxe image of Sigrid Agren dominates the frame, but look closely and you’ll see that she’s a projection: one whose beauty is apparently blinding Lenz von Johnston, who is hiding in the background. Will the overlapping theme carry into the fall campaign, in which Miss Agren also stars – only time will tell.

  1. are they not bringing back joan for their fall campaign? not bringing her back would be a mistake. i like sigrid but to me this does not look like her.

  2. I love this concept. great photography M&M!!!! plus Sigrid looks hot as well. now i can’t wait until the main campaign. Is it being shot by M&M also? Any info on the model cast as well?

  3. Yes!!
    Sigrid, i’m so happy for her she is amazing.
    and i ever thought they would use Gucci girl.
    and agian she looks amazing.

  4. Gucci needs to try something new with their campaigns. It’s the same orgasm face every season. They could at least bring back Raquel or Natasha because they can actually pull the look off.

  5. This is the same campaign from the last few seasons with a different model. Tom Ford may not be much of a designer but his Gucci campaigns were genius, I mean, to be “the Gucci girl” was great and exciting because you knew the campaign would be something out of this world…lately it’s just the same campaign over and over, I’m sick of it.

  6. I want Natasha Poly back to do Gucci Campaigns how come they’re not using her anymore???? Calling Frida . . .

  7. You guys, I think Joan, Abbey Lee, & Sigrid are confirmed for the Gucci fall campaign. Emily Baker is rumored to be in as well, but I am not sure. I really hope Florence & the Machine is not in the mainline campaign. As much as I want Joan, Natasha, Anja, & Karmen all in one campaign, I don’t see it happening. Sigrid looks good, but I don’t think she is a Gucci girl.

  8. it would be amazing to see Natasha, Raquel and Maria Carla all together do Gucci Campaign that would be the best! Sigrid i,m not sure about her doing the Fall Campaign. I wanna see Roberto Cavalli, i’ve heard Natasha is in it.

  9. love this image
    i think mert and marcus are the only photographers mix art
    and advertising in the right way.
    always have “something magic” in their photos.BRAVO !

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