1. So much enjoying looking at these! The 4th picture (well actually the 6th) could easily be an ad on its own.

  2. I cant handle it anymore…. cliche pics about Rio and brazilian models! Always the same… Zzzzzzzzzz

  3. OMG

    Fernanda Forever.
    One of the sexiest models in the world.

    Fernanda Tavares, Michelle Alves,Natasha Poly, Gisele Bundchen, Karolina Kurkova and Izabel Goulart.

  4. the pictures look beyong tacky but even this woman´s nails are sexy enough to make you sweat.

  5. great pics… amazing how matthew brooke put toghetter fernanda, hot boys and rio and the editorial keeps very chic and elegant with a very diferent approach of rio… love, love, love it!!! images for life, to hange on the wall, as tyra banks uses to say!!!

  6. Fernanda has a great profile…however the weightlifting image is the most absurd and looks as if all the guys are ready to jump on her

  7. Now this is a masculine shoot. Usually models can’t portray tough girls, she did just what was assigned. 🙂

  8. Ahh Fernanda!! Such a shame she’s not more popular within the high-end fashion crowd.. I mean face + body + personality, what more could you want in a model. So sad she wasn’t in the sexy Brazilian model revival with Ana Beatriz and Alessandra. Very sad.

  9. Love Fernanda, one the most beautiful tops of the world. She’s a Icon with Gisele, Raquel, Caroline Ribeiro and other more tops

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