1. Malgosia is great!! Love her!! Now the stylism succeed to make her look old 🙁 The make up is good but the hair…
    And why do you write the story doesn’t takes itself seriously? is it funny to make her look like a old styled woman when having Malgosia in a shoot is usually a guarantee of coolness? Not in this case …

  2. SHE’S MAGNIFICENT!!!! The epitome of elegance. I think Melanie Laurent looks a bit like her sometimes.

  3. Love Malgosia!!! Second pic is insane, but I wish her right leg was straight at the knee!! Malgosia has a grace and poise like the old school girls. (Dovima, Lisa F., Linda E.) She’ll be in the game forever!

  4. It’s elegent and she’s such a wonderful model.
    I love her Classic looks but with that edge of fashion.
    Great, love Małgosia.

  5. ^ Jayson, I think you’re confusing “old” with “glamorous” and “elegant”. There is nothing old or uncool about Malgosia in these images, she is simply stunning.

  6. very pretty and sexy, and yes it is correct that the story does not take itself seriously which is apparent and is also a compliment for this whimsical, light hearted shooot

  7. some of the shots her hair looks like bride of frankenstein 50s beehive style meets a mini tornado… have to say the pictures are good … captivating and light hearted

  8. I also disagree with Jayson. The styling and casting was spot on and is sort of reminiscent of old hollywood comidiennes-those godesses of old who managed to be funny, sexy and sophisticated all at once. Also, Mal B can do no wrong.

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