Opposites Attract

In one of the most endearingly random developments perhaps ever Lara Stone‘s youthful exuberance is pitted against actor Morgan Freeman‘s sagely presence in the latest US Vogue. Bruce Weber photographs the pair as they travel through the streets of Miami. How did Miss Stone take to the Big Easy? Describing her experiences the Dutch beauty states simply “It was such a cool environment.” From the looks of these pictures it would seem she had a wonderful time – does the Freeman / Stone match up work for you? Will Lara turn up in The Dark Knight sequel? Only time will tell…

  1. I love this. It is very “father-figure”-like and she looks very childish, joyful and playful. Never thought I would ever see Morgan Freeman & Laura Stone in an editorial but… hey you never know.

  2. she looks so much like brigitte bardot, she’s brigittes revival even though shes not deceased, the world needs them, the world needs their teeth,

  3. Lara Stone is one of those really average girl, that The Fashion People can’t get enough of, thus she gonna have a long career….The last one is Kate Moss. Kate is plain and average ( compare to Linda, Cindy, Claudia, Gisele and Elle which are inevitable Glamorous Amazonians , until these group of people annoint her and become their “project”. They created this buzz and hype around her and sell it to the mainstream. Lara is becoming like that…..
    She’s the muse right now……

    But I can see why they pick Kate and Lara. Both women’s print images has a “personality”. Oooozing with Coolness and Sensuality…..Not really them in person but their print images alter ego. LOL

  4. I must admit, this is a revolutionary moment in time, Ana approved Lara Stone. Talk about progressive, congratulations Mrs Wintour on your steps in the right direction! 5 Stars

  5. in would rather sessilee lopez with Morgan Freeman lara is amazing but it would be better with a person of color.

  6. I love the “Lost in Translation” theme. You don’t know if they’re lovers or platonic friends hanging out…..it’s refreshing actually. Lara is, of course, editorial, but there’s Morgan Freeman who makes it surreal….

  7. I LOVE Lara Stone and I adore Morgan Freeman. He’s an amazing actor to cover. However, I don’t like this shoot at all.

  8. Linsey Im sorry it works perfectly well with Lara! This Girl is Amazing and Morgans Presence is strongly emitted in each image! I agree Sessilee is the most amazing black model out there at the moment but i feel she may have been too strong for this shoot! This shoot is full of Oxymorons makig it soo interesting!
    I LOVE IT!

  9. fu, you make no sense, an oxymoron is a a linguistic term, not one for the context in how you mean it. only the last image is great, the others are pretty awful i think – agreed sessile or almost any other model could have done better.

  10. This pairing looks ridiculous. I don’t see what the two would have in common whatsoever. And as far as the Obama shirt, I wish that the fashion magazines would keep political endorsements out.

  11. i love it.
    sesilee is beautiful but i think it would have been far too strong for this editorial. Lara stone is perfect

  12. Calling lara Stone and Kate Moss plain is just the strangest comment i have ever heard,beauty is in the eye of the beholder but i would like to say to Ambigous that those girls are anything but plain and if you ever have worked with them or seen them in real you would swallow your words !;-))

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