1. i really dont like it, its too awkward and the body shapes are so unnatural. love kristen, love jpg but really disappointed by this campaign.

  2. Always love Kristen. She really is legendary. Not that it’s relevant to this post but I wonder whether Andrej will book many labels this season… Was kind of hoping for Andrej for JPG considering last season…

  3. absolutely old Versace but still gorgeous imagery. This woman has transitioned all boundaries from fashion and she´s still rocking it in every frame. Good that JPG has finally realized that Kristen embodies much of his work and can entirely sustain nowadays looks.

  4. An absolute knockout of a campaign. She’s on a rampage like I’ve never seen. She delivers every time and it’s always fresh.

    The campaign is sexy, chic, classic and modern all at once. Kristen is everything a supermodel should be and more. She IS couture.

  5. Her body shapes rock! They would be unnatural on anyone else but she does them like she doesn’t even care and that’s a good thing.

    How hot does she make the skirt look?

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