1. She looks FLAWLESS.
    I love that stare but if they hadn’t bleached her brows, I would love it even more. I hate it when they bleach her eyebrows, it’s something which makes her unique

  2. Sorry, not a big fan of Daphne. From all newcomers, I would rather see Julia Saner on a Vogue Cover, why hasn’t she made it yet?

  3. She always looks the same. I don’t mind Daphne, her unique look is obviously taking her places, but that “trademark glare” is getting boring already. The styling isn’t working for me either… perhaps a more mature model could’ve pulled it off, but here it looks a bit ridiculous, I’m afraid.

  4. what the freak is up with her eyebrows
    I honselty hate when they do that when it wasnt needed. I think the dress is a table cloth or cartens not my favorite styling.
    BUTT Daphne looks greak she model though it and that was her job. I love her look.

  5. I don’t think Julia Saner is forgettable , no need to bash other models to make such a frivolous point

  6. I get how this is a place for placing opinions but please can we stop bashing models. Why come here just for that go to fashionspot they are experts in it. I get it Daphne is young but so are a lot of other girls and love or don’t love her she is doing an amazing job raking in covers, working with all the right people and they seem to book her over and over so I guess she is doing something right.
    Mihu it’s your right not to be a fan but asking why your favorite model is not on the cover what’s the point in that? Why don’t you call her agency and ask instead of putting it here in a post where it’s clear it’s about a cover with Daphne on it. Everyone has the right to their opinion and you don’t have to like it but the good thing is if you don’t just buy the next issue.

  7. unfortunately, i just cant get past the unecessary bleaching here – its just been taken to such an extreme. my eyes cant really focus on anything else, which is a shame considering what a beauty daphne is – they should leave her eyebrows be, the cover would have been more eye-catching in a good way had they done so.

  8. I love the way they put her on and the bleached eyebrows
    And glad to see an another cover (After Numero) plus an another Vogue one.

  9. Don’t hate on Daphne, she does have an unique look, still growing on me but you gotta admit her look is absolutely unique…very raw, similar to other girls that are curently modelling but so different. She poses like a pro.

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