Versace Vision

Versaces latest campaign offers a bold take on the brands iconography. We’ve come to associate Versace with all things overtly sexy, but Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott‘s F/W campaign shows a darker side with atmospheric shots starring Saskia de Brauw and Sean O’Pry. The powerful pictures have a larger than life and cinematic feel, with both models displaying graceful poise.

When asked in WWD about the change in image, Donatella offered this explanation: “For me, it is expected to have the blonde girl, the sexy girl, and this is what Versace meant recently, but I thought about how in the past, when Gianni used girls like Kristen McMenamy and Stella Tennant, everyone was always saying, ‘Wow, this is not a Versace girl, she is not blonde.’ Sometimes you need to renew yourself to work better and to make a little bit of a push.”

Art Direction by Giovanni Bianco | Styling by Joe McKenna

  1. OH MY GOD!!!, i love, love, love, versace, donnatella, knows beauty, well she is giannis sister, but she combines, sexy and femenine, witout being vulgar, amazing!!!!!!

  2. Quite possibly one of my favorite Versace campaigns ever, under Donatella. Sulfuric-Chic!

    Pitch perfect! Fresh, non-gaudy fashion.
    You get a true sense of future identity from this. A benchmark it is.

    Saskia and Sean look incredible. how fascinating that she is a full blown 30 years of age?!

    Way to go Versace. If such a level of creativity is maintained and advanced, Versace will be right where it should.

  3. omg i didnt even see the background hahaha. STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING. saskia is the shit.

  4. too much like gisele for cavalli f/w 10. but saskia looks good here, and sean is sexy as always

  5. Versace Spring 2007 was the start of my obsession with fashion, so Doantella is a goddess in my eyes. This collection was amazing, and I am officially a Saskia fan. Oh, and Sean looks hot as always.

  6. I argee with Michael a little.
    It does remind me of Sunniva and Caroly also Maggie, BUT she does look great.

  7. Although Saskia looks better than normally here and she does deserve this to be only girl, I kinda wished that Daphne and Natasha were indeed in the ad too.
    Sean looks hot.

  8. Actually, I still think it’s sexy, but not Versace sexy. That’s great though. It’s time for something fresh from them. Saskia looks better than I’ve ever seen her.

  9. Even though Saskia looks exceptionally well but I do not like this ad at all. The background is too much imo and its too photoshopped.

  10. I really don’t see what is so special. Nothing against Saskia I like her but if this were some sexy model like Candice everyone would be bashing it. Its not the campaign ppl love its the quirky models. Supers over a certain age + sexy models are so hated by fashionistas. 🙁

  11. It also reminds me of that campaign with Malgosia in a hotel room, 2002, Steven Meisel, that’s one of the best Versace campaigns I’ve ever seen.

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