Good Girls Dont…

There are two sides to Hilary Rhoda. One is the pristine, apple cheeked all-American face of luxurious brands like Estee Lauder and Balenciaga. This Hilary can be found between the pages of Vogue or Bazaar looking elegant and aspirational while channeling the ghost of late 70s Brooke Shields. Then there is the 2.0 version – the Hilary who looks right at home in Sports Illustrated and is currently leaving little to the imagination in the latest i-D courtesy of Todd Cole. This souped up, sexed up (watch your back Lara Stone) uninhibited Rhoda is making more and more appearances of late and as the budding supermodel diversifies her brand things get steamier and steamier…

Could an SI cover slot be the next item on the agenda?

Hilary Rhoda for i-D June/July 09 by Todd Cole| Scan by Northern Star at tFS

  1. ur just so sexxyyy!!! i hope u get da next sports illustrated cover, im tired of all these blonds, UR SO SEXY AND BEATIFUL, LOVE UR BOOBIES

  2. she is not has good as Lara, please don’t even think about it…she’s alright.
    Not madly in love

  3. Hi Paula,

    Thank you for letting me know about the typo. We’ve updated the post. Really love these pictures, always love Todd’s work.

  4. Shes definitely one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen in my entire life! Hilary deserves to have the title supermodel, in a few years, of course!

  5. Wow! I just get it right now because I always thought Hilary looks sort of chunky because of the runway show. But, man, look at this…No wonder, she is all WOMAN!

    She is truly beautiful and sexy without sleazy in her own right!

  6. I love Hilary Rhoda……She is the epitome of EXPENSIVE!!!!

    Her Face is Gorgeous yet not boring. Very very Classy……

    She’s like Isabelli Fontana, they both can do Mass, like SI and go back to High End…..

    Comparing Hilary Rhoda to Lara Stone is like Comparing All American to Grunge or Rock n Roll Heroin Chic…..or I’ll make it simple……like comparing Brooke Sheilds to Amy Winhouse, lol.

  7. I think she would fit perfectly on a SI Swimsuit cover. We need more top models with a realistic, womanly shape like hers. I could care less for the super skinny, anorexic looking models out there. That’s not the way women are supposed to be shaped.

  8. OMG her face reminds me so so much Linda Carter a classic beauty but is she a fashion model or a commercial girl coz she is not that skinny right?

  9. WOW WOW I love Hilary Rhoda!! I really miss her in the fashion shows and magazines.
    Her face is perfect she is a full model to me…miss you Hilary
    She1s akredy doing VS but only photos. She gained a little weight and probably VS will call her to this year show
    But I miss her doing high fashion….

  10. Thanks guys to show me more of Hilary …I just became a fan of her… she is amazing!

  11. i think hilary looks beautiful in the lauder make-up campaigns. they highlight her contrasting features (very light eyes, very black air, etc.) in person, she is obviously built for showing off swimwear. that being said, let’s not get carried away by comparing her to isabeli who has been booking blue chip runway shows (and VS catalogs) since age sixteen…

  12. Perfect! Nice face, gorgeous body…
    Stunning, she is the new Ubermodel in the whole world!

  13. what the hell…… calvin needs to be her as the new ck jeans girls like brooke shields but then i see her in SI swimsuit, she is definitely going to be a household name soon.

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