1. i have nothing against lara or calvin klein as a brand but i feel this editorial does not make great use of either: lara is not looking her best and the clothing is not shown at its best – which is a shame considering both are usually beautiful.

  2. I agree with the first comment. I see some potential lacking in this editorial, however, Lara is eternally stunning regardless.

    Saying that, the second picture is so on the money it makes up for the rest.

  3. She is looking thin, Just looked at that naked LOVE cover with her legs crossed and hands on the hips, I mean that was curvy, Now, even though she has got that amazing face, she blends in when it comes to bodies! Sad, cause thats why people noticed her, so many peeps loose the essence of why they became famous in the 1st place???

  4. In one word I can describe the cover… Terrible! As for the other images, she isn’t looking good at all. I just can’t fathom all the hype surrounding her and I will never understand why she was chosen as the CK ‘muse’! ‘Curves’, what curves? She doesn’t have any!

  5. She looks old in the first shot but I can’t help but feel that that was maybe what they were going for. Lara is absolutely stunning but I can also agree that these shots don’t portray her to her best.

  6. On every Vogue cover she looks incredible. Except Russian Vogue. She is unrecognizable. Terrible Terrible. This does not compare to her French Vogue covers in the slightest…

  7. the black and white images are great, even better for medical photos, the cover as most agree is kak, and should be used as an example of how NOT to shoot fashion photography… as for Lara, she is amazing as always and looks great, a true beauty with a great figure who is healthy, fit and thin

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