1. now that Linda is (unofficially) retired, Kristen is at the top of the supermodel game. Period.

  2. They both push the boundaries of fashion and photography. You should see the whole story inside the magazine. Great stuff. :O

  3. if you really just look at the photography and forget about who is doing this work, can any of you really say that these are good images?
    the quality doesn’t matter if the images make you feel something, but i’m very interested to know what these images make you all feel. please, tell me because i would honestly say these seem pointless. they don’t sell the clothes, they don’t flatter the model, they give fashion photography a bad name.
    just gross, really.

  4. What an absolute mess!!

    If this is what professionals are doing in the business (for a lot of money), What are young aspiring photographers supposed to do? This is what we work hard to try and compete with?

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