1. Omg this is so boring. I cannot believe that US Vogue has better editorials than Italian Vogue now.

  2. Yeah, ok “Josh” from US. Stick to your Golden Arch specialty and leave the fashion to those born with style.

  3. This is a nice simple story. I don’t care where it was published – I don’t think Marie Claire indicates that something is bad and I don’t think Vogue Italia indicates that something is automatically good. Jamie looks pretty, really like the hippie clothes and floppy hats, the whole atmosphere is very dreamy and pretty. Prefer this to tries too hard edgy fashion stories that we see every month.

  4. Pretty! But I have to agree with some of the comments, it doesn’t look like Vogue Italia. Jamie looks great…

  5. It has interest.

    Jamie is quite enthralling in this edit.
    I like this lighthearted, twilight-like, dreamscape of a story.

  6. She looks like Lea T or Lea looks like her?
    I like how they make her look so soft and feminine this time:)

  7. Not interesting nor creative. Sorry to say, but the model looks like a feminine male, not a masculine female.

  8. Im actually amused how people are disapointed by this. Sure, the ed isnt all BOOM BOOM POW but i think it works. It captures the mood the stylist was going for perfectly. The clothes not only look wearable but FEEL wearable and Jamie’s languid air is perfect. Its not ed of the year material but its not an epic fail. Plus VI hasnt been as arthouse as it was in the early noughties.

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