Field of Dreams

After a dearth of black and white, minimal editorials isn’t it nice to see a little color? Viviane Sassen‘s vibrant story for Dazed & Confused is anything but subdued; everything from the Lisse’s gorgeous tulip fields to Katie Shillingford‘s styling bursts off the page. We’re given a feast of pattern, texture and graceful movements courtesy of Lisanne de Jong; whose ballerina poses breathe life into wild garments from Pam Hogg, Vivienne Westwood and Sonia Rykiel.

  1. I like the concept, but… is this Lisanne? I mean, sure she is, but… I like her a lot, nevertheless here I don’t think she would have been best choice possible, just that. Btw yep, better repeat it: I like her a looot – on the runway especially…. and this (colorful) editorial too.

  2. Not a Lisanne fan, but this is one of the best editorials I have seen this year. Gotta give everyone credit for this.

  3. i do like the photos, the movement , the color. but what’s the use of booking a model like lisanne if you are not going to show her face???

  4. i love the editorial but i guess DAZED didn’t like LISANNE that much… i mean her face is not visible at all… shame.. but the editorial is absolutely beautiful

  5. Beautiful, a lot of recent Katie’s work looks like Rihanna’s Only Girl music video, the flower meadow scene…. She should do some cool music videos! So so pretty!

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