Blonde Venus

Claudia Schiffer remains one of fashion’s timeless faces, so it is no surprise to find her on the cover of this month’s Bazaar UK, looking phenomenal in Prada stripes. The beachfront shots by Horst Diekgerdes remind us of Claudia’s early work and Cathy Kasterine‘s colorful styling brings out Miss Schiffer’s inner bombshell, whether she’s clad in Chloe or wearing pieces from her eponymous line of knitwear.

  1. Who rocks the Bardot look better?

    90’s Claudia S or today’s Lara Stone???

    I love Claudia because she looks perfect but I like Lara Stone for all her imperfections and awkwardness she always is captivating!!!

    So Lara Stone for me!

  2. Claudia listen to the praise everybody loves you and if they don’t they are nothing keep them flying danke.

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