Craig’s List Revolutions

The girls just keep on coming! Ranya Mordanova, Rose Cordero, Madisyn Ritland, Bara Holotova and Jourdan Dunn join the now epic lineup of Craig McDean‘s multi-girl extravaganza. With this many choice girls – all dressed in fall’s best – there is something for every single model fan. The only thing that could have made this any better would be if W had treated us to multiple covers.




  1. craig seems to be loosing it…some shouldn’t take too many assignments at the same time

  2. they look way to simialar, u need to give different styling, so they can look unique ,im tired of the fashion industry making models look lyk clones

  3. I think the casting is awesome in this… but i agree with most… all the models looks uninspired and bored… the spreads look like they’re torn out of a boring lookbook or catalogue… i’m sorry, but Craig can do better than this… it feels rush… as though the girls are all called into a dark room and shoot!!!

  4. love the photography, love the styling. however, the models all look like little girls playing dress up and it ruins the images overall… particularly the first pic.

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