1. My favorite of the plus girls is Tara Lynn, but Robyn is lovely too, glad she’s getting so much work! I don’t know if fashion is “changing”, I think the majority will always prefer stick-thin girls, but it’s nice to see these more normal girls getting more work these days. I wish they used them for more than “shape” issues but it’s better than nothing.

  2. I didnt even notice she was Plus Size untill I clikced on her name. Wow Stunning.

    I think Kasia off Top Model should have been on the cover aswell it would have been amazing

  3. yes it’s inconsistent, but i primarily think it is because of the styling. you can not go from grandma office/home look to sexy vintage one. however, i do like Martinelli’s work a lot actually. but not here except 2 red ones.

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