1. She never looks any different to me! Her facial expressions are always the same! I think she’s a bland model; Can’t understand the current hype and that first photo isn’t very flattering at all!

  2. the first pic screams Billie Holiday from the mountain tops… soo great and secductive… and she is the only thing to look @ in the new Burberry campaign.. so happy for her

  3. SAGL RN @ Jourdan. She is flawless this title is so fitting. I cannot with her pout!! May she continue to slay season after season amen

  4. Ghetto. What was Prada thinking when they casted her? I hope it was her last season walking there.

  5. Ghetto?? Hmmm being that the ghetto started in the slums of europe I can’t see how any of this looks “ghetto” I wish GT would have explain what they meant by that. Ignorance is suppose to be bliss but that is just offensive. She looks beautiful in Prada and in this ED she does have the same face in each pic tho. But he beauty is amazing n her modeling of the CLOTHES is fantastic.

  6. She has really grown into her features. Pure poise and elegance and I hope the industry continues to support her. Thanks, Janelle.

  7. @GT- I really hope that you can grow a pair and explain that idiotic comment you just made. I have never understood the mind of a racist.

  8. I love this. A team of miners could not excavate this amount of beauty.
    How well done is this?! Among the years best.

    Some stories call for a similar expression throughout. She is emitting a very particular type of charatcter. It’s not always just a model being the prerequisite model; insert big smile here, inject a little flirtacious squint there…

    You truly get the sense that she is playing the role of someone that has existed. Very much in the essence of Josephine Baker/ Billie Holiday. Mightily strong and purely classic!

  9. I don’t see anything special about her. She’s overrated. I would not use ‘flawless’ to describe her. There’s better models out there.

  10. how is she ghetto @GT — you can use plausible deniability but that comment came off extremely racist. i’d like for you to elaborate on wtf you mean irl

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