1. I love the fact that she is like 28 or 29 and kicking all these preteen’s asses! This chick is absolutely amazing!!

  2. Finally a fine looking mature lady with a rocking body, and not some prepubescent looking teenager.

    Love it.

  3. she was born in 1991…. making her about 20 years old

    gorgeous girl…love her personality as well!

  4. One of my favorite editorials this season by far. Sensual, strong and crisp. Aymeline (who reminds me of Rie) is killing it. The eyes…

  5. she’s not 20. she’s in her late 20’s. in any case she’s AMAZING. i’m always thrown by how stellar her editorials are. so strong, yet feminine. great angles…

  6. whether u believe it or not, she is at most 22 years old.
    she has a great look and an awesome body but she is a lot younger than she looks.

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