1. I think this is way better than Daphne’s editorial.Now THIS is tribal inspired.
    I really hope she scores a campaign this season.She’s very fierce.

  2. Not bad … certainly dosnt do any justice compared to the amazing tribal pictures of Kelis in Acopella … now that is a true example of tribal warrior!

  3. Although fashion claims not to be political, how can thin, white models ethically put on head-dresses, and so-called ‘appealingly savage’ costumes without acknowledging the racism implicit in such wearing? What is truly savage is the white-washing going on in every magazine, claiming ‘tribal’ as a ‘trend’. Designers are not ‘paying tribute’ to ‘exotic’ cultures by appropriating their jewelry and clothes. Everyone outside the fashion world is acknowledging how ridiculous and offensive it all is. How can those inside the fashion industry be unresponsive to such critique? “Fashion isn’t political” just isn’t a good enough answer.

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