Belle Vere

Beautiful curves grace the cover of Vogue Italia this month in a stunning image shot by Steven Meisel and styled by Edward Enninful. Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley bring sexiness and beauty to Meisel’s incredible black and white shot. This is the first time plus size models have graced Vogue Italia’s cover since the days of Sophie Dahl and we cannot wait to see just what this issue holds in store for us!!

  1. I rechecked if this is a cover from the 90 by any chance! 2 beautiful. i love it. sexy. Finally fresh idea from V. Italia (YES i said it) anyway, as said I like the execution and idea but I’m not fond of the food in front of them – kinda tacky.

  2. How DIVINE! Meisel has done it again! The girls look so LUXURIOUS! Definitely buying this copy.

  3. I think… you may like the cover, you may not, it’s quite personal, but about the title, “Belle vere”, I think there could be a lot of interesting considerations… are they “BELLE VERE”? “vere”? and those beauties are / should be “vere” compared to who / what?

  4. It’s a beautiful cover, but I would have liked it more with different models! Still, it’s been well executed and is definitely THEE best cover of the year thus far!

  5. OK, now that every one here is done kissing Steven Meisel’s ass and Italian Vogue, the truth is, this is a lousy cover. Meisel is a great photographer, one of the greats, but this image is not it… the legs apart pose, while trendy, is fine if done right, but is here what we call in photography a bad perspective, in other words, a bad angle, her legs look larger than they really are and that is due to poorly framed composition. Great models, great photog, but great image? Nada.

  6. i love the concept but on second look the photo composition seems weird. the model on the left is lying on the table, yes? her body looks very strange and the angles are bothering me alot because her head and shoulders seem like she is sitting. where is her left arm/hand? the open legs on the right are somehow not pleasing to the eye. still, i love the idea — i hope there is a full editorial in the mag with these same models in a range of clothing. i do think these fuller bodies look fantastic in lingerie (and are easy to style) but i would also like to see editors, stylists and photographers challenge themselves a bit more and use them to showcase fashion.

  7. Funny when I was your age I was called La grosse
    I went thought Gastric by-pass to look “normal”
    went from 325 to 158 Lbs do I feel good? yes! do I look good ? only in clothes!!!Life a Bich!!

  8. Plus sized women want the same thing that slim women want, and that is to feel comfortable and look sexy in clothes that actually fit. Since more manufacturers have added plus sizes to their line of clothes, it has become relatively easier for plus sized women to find the right chemise and lingerie for them.

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