1. ….I just don’t get the fascination with this girl. All I see is the same open-mouthed stare in every photo.

  2. How does this girl have a cover and Joan Smalls doesnt have one yet?!?! This is ridiculous

  3. She reminds me of Rianne Tan Hekken and Annalynne McCord/ Naomi from 90210…..

    anyways the 4th pic is Daphne’s worst angle, makes her look like a Fish.

  4. @Latoya- I so agree!! IMHO, Tanya Dziaheleva is always gonna be the best alien baby out there. I don’t know why she dropped off the scene, but she should be getting Daphne’s work.

    @Carlota.so- I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!?

  5. Wow, I love Daphne, one of my fav models, totally. Even if… I still think the best can come out with the “0.1 version of her”; she’s so peculiar and unique, with such a strong look, attitude and personality that… I don’t think she needs this kind of super-marked “whatever” (makeup / hair / styling / etc).
    I mean, good, great if you want – but I’d generally like to see “more Daphne” and “less whatever else”… 🙂

  6. I love this girl since she’s started. I had a big crush on her and I am so glad to see how good she’s doing. I love this editorial and the cover.

    I can’t stop looking at this third picture(my favorite)

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