1. i think carola is better than this shoot. i like the second and third shots but the others are nothing particularly special; disappointing even

  2. @anlabe – I think every week I see a post of Alessandra Ambrosio here…… Im a fan so im not complaining, Lol.

    Just noticed a trend here, that’s all

  3. Yes. I get a thousand dollars every time I mention certain models and it is deposited directly into my offshore account.

    But seriously, the last Carola post on Feed was April 21st, over a month ago. This Vogue Japan story is here because I liked it and for no other reason. If there is a model you feel should be featured more you could always send an email or tweet.

    Eniko was last mentioned on May 13th and March 21st. There were two stories with Alessandra this month, but the last time she was mentioned in Feed was in February.

    I can say with total honesty that were not trying to feature any model more than another and if a story ends up on Feed it is because it caught our eye and we liked it. TBH I don’t even think I get to talk about my personal favorite models all that much even, but that is a story for another day πŸ˜‰

  4. Love her face. Agreed that this shoot could be better though. She is featured a lot and she deserves it! Stunning face.

  5. post as much as you can of carola! πŸ˜€ she’s such a stunning new face, so 90s supermodel alike! fresh fresh fresh and beautiful!

  6. @Janelle – OMFG!!! You replied to my post! You finally noticed me!

    I can die now. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. WOW – i’ve never seen this girl before and finally someone FRESH and NEW!!! she’s such a delight!!! ^.^

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