High Gloss

Azzedine Alaia has been a fashion force for nearly 4 decades and his work never fails to entice with its trademark blend of sensuality and elegance. Gwen Loos wears head to toe Alaia looks in the premier issue of a new fashion glossy, Virgine and looks striking while doing so. Txema Yeste shoots the jet black lace and leather pieces styled by Sohei Yoshida, while Teiji Utsemi and Victor Alvarez provide off kilter hair and makeup to match the editorial’s sexy but edgy feel.

  1. sorry to be negative. but my one issue with MDC (and i do LOVE this site) is when you guys put this kind of amateur stuff alongside shoots by people like Steven Meisel, Paolo Roversi, Inez and Vinoodh etc.
    I could understand if there was a section that showcased new talent where you posted these shoots.
    But things like this, and that Brazilian male models thing etc. They’re just naff, and I really don’t think warrant being given the same level of exposer as something of actual integrity.
    Maybe you guys wont approve this comment. But eh this is just my opinion

  2. to anabel:

    this definitely does not look like a test shoot. the styling is on point, there’s a narrative, the photographer is consistent in every shot. they obviously weren’t trying things out, figuring things out, experimenting and hoping it would turn out well.

    second of all, this is far from amateur and a bit above “new talent”…
    the photographer and stylist here already have a reputation and are what i consider “established up and comers”

    plus, without MDC featuring “established up and comers” we wouldn’t have Yu Tsai, Sebastian Kim or Emma Summerton if you only want the classic heavy weight photographers

  3. @Anabel
    Are you saying Txema Yeste is an amateur? Or not ‘high level’ enough for this website?
    Of course he’s not as big as Meisel or Roversi, but editorials like this deserve to be showed her just as much as others.
    And it’s in a new magazine which has a lot of good editorials in it.

  4. Well, this is a site about models, and models appear in editorials with Meisel and Roversi, but models also appear in these “amateur stuff”.

  5. New talent is also talent, Annabel… Your opinion is so sad… As it is the hour and 22 minutes between comments! Are you a photographer? Too much anger, I see

    the pics are amazing!!

  6. @annabel, this images are great, probably much better than so much of what the TOP people you mention are giving us, since big people seem very motivated and money driven at the moment and all copy each other, everything is soooo bland and safe, please bring back creativity, individualism and FRESH… And by the way, you are SO bitter, SO not fresh and bad energy! good luck with whatever you do in life!

  7. To me Txema Yeste is one of the top up-and-coming photographers out there. Thank you MDC for supporting great fresh talent who are 100% capable of providing stronger material than the top dogs.

  8. this s not amateur but how do u guys call it when some one turn alaia into a punk kind of thing? LOL

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