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Lakshmi Menon is one of the few South Asian faces in high fashion and her unique beauty coupled the dynamic force she brings to every picture have made her a star at home and abroad. As the only model to ever snag an only girl cover of Vogue India Lakshmi stands out as being both an enigmatic model and an incredible representative of Indian fashion. This month Lakshmi graces her 3rd Vogue India cover and stars in a special editorial devoted to her status as a post-millenial supermodel. Joined by newcomers Preeti Dhata and Miriam Ilorah as she dances across white sands looking ravishing Lakshmi is an absolute knockout. Makes you wonder just why there are so few Indian faces within the industry.




  1. Lakshmi is stunning! She represents another kind of beauty, asian features meets european lean figure. Just perfect!

  2. Beautiful…but what did they do her skin….give her the beyonce l’oreal treatment? Her skin is dark and beautiful. I’ll just assume it’s the lighting.

  3. Lakshmi ROCKS!!
    I think its the best cover that Indian Vogue have ever done.
    BTW Preeti and Mariam already have made a name for themselves in India and are about to blow up in London and NY! Agencies like Ford, STORM, and Supreme are tracking down both Beautiess!

  4. lakshmi is one of my favorite models of all time. she’s so sorely underrated, even being as successful as she’s been.

  5. LAKSHMI is the best, she can’t do anything wrong. I love that she represents a different league of asian women, with different color and mature age.

  6. Love her, we need more indian girls.. someone posted that Rachana is with muse.. watch out for that girl. she is unique!!

  7. as we all can see she is beautyful(konjo).
    i realy want to be a model like her.sujetion!!!

  8. is that an indian lara stone in an orange dress on the last picture?

    anyhow, the fashion industry is bullshit when it comes to diversity. There may be black models here and there, but they’re only present because it’s the popular thing to do…

    It’s really ironic that they claim fashion is about difference and originality, yet these ideas do not diffuse on the models they employ.

    If it wasn’t for vogue india, I don’t know what would have happened to Lakshmi. Such a great model on the loose, undemanded, is really shameful.

    a great question to dissert: “Is the fashion race intolerent?”
    yes/But no/but Yes/absolutely No/not a bit

  9. I am always excited to see her!! She kills it every sing time. I mean WOW WOW WOW!!

  10. WOW, this is one of the few times I see Lakshmi in a different light.. she looks stunning and sultry here… GREAT JOB! i’ve been wanting to see her with some different expressions and this photographer captured it!!! 😉

  11. I just heard about Lakshmi around the time Sessilee and Arlenis blew up with the Black Italian Vogue. And I think around that time I didn’t even notice her. Until I stumbled across her photos from here at and I have to say she is simply gorgeous. I love the fact that she’s Indian and highly educated (I saw her video from here). And the fact that she is not as young (not saying she’s old but you know, industry standards, etc). I almost mistaked her for Adriana Lima on that cover. That is a good thing though. She is very unique and I cannot wait to see her hit more editorals and campaigns here in the American market. Love her.

  12. Hey Daniel,

    Me too! I had to look at the cover twice to make sure it was Lakshmi and not Adriana. Love it when that happens

  13. jordan dunn has a british vogue cover, but why isn;t she ever in the daily feed??? she does so many covers and beautiful pictures, i think it’s unfair they can’t show off JOURDANS WORK like the other young models

  14. I saw her first on FTV and i was astonished to see a indian girl to be a international model,i love this girl as she has achived a great position internationally.

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